The American Express Gold Rewards is a premium credit card that offers a wide range of benefits to its cardholders. With it, you can enjoy a lot of advantages:

  • Purchase Coverage.
  • Travel Benefits.
  • Exclusive benefits. 



How do I apply for my American Express Gold Rewards?

The American Express Gold Reward card is one of the most desired and brings various advantages to its customers. The application is simple, and you can get yours by making an online request.

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Discover more about the American Express points program

One of the focuses of this card is point accumulation, which you can take advantage of to have even more benefits and to save on purchases.

With the American Express program, you earn points whenever you use the card.

Points from the American Express Gold Rewards can be used to redeem a variety of rewards, including travel, products, and experiences in various sectors.

You can accumulate American Express Gold Rewards points with your purchases, as well as with exclusive offers and promotions.

Discover the key benefits of the card

Now, see a list of everything this card has to offer to its customers and discover why it is so coveted.

Purchase coverage

The American Express Gold Rewards offers extensive coverage for your purchases, including a 1-year extended warranty on products purchased with the card, protection against theft or loss of luggage, rental car insurance, and protection against damage from online purchases.

Thus, you have all the security when making purchases and guarantees that your product will reach you without defects.

Travel benefits

The American Express Gold Rewards also offers a range of travel benefits, including access to VIP lounges at airports, priority check-in on flights, free checked baggage, and travel insurance.

This way, you will have more peace of mind when traveling and the assurance of support when you need it.

Exclusive offers

Additionally, the American Express Gold Rewards offers access to exclusive offers, such as discounts at restaurants, shops, and events.

In other words, wherever you are, there’s a place that will bring you discounts and advantages.