The BMO Air Miles Card offers a range of exclusive benefits, giving users the opportunity to enjoy their rewards sooner and in a favorable manner. Here are the key benefits:

  • 3x the Miles at Participating AIR MILES Partners.
  • 2x the Miles at Qualified Supermarkets.
  • BMO and Shell Go+ Double Miles Offer.
  • 25% Off Flights.
  • AIR MILES Cash Rewards.
  • Dream and Travel Rewards.



How do I apply for my BMO Air Miles World Elite card?

Applying for your BMO Air Miles World Elite credit card is straightforward, and the process takes place online, directly through the bank’s website.

Would you like an exclusive step-by-step guide to apply for your card? Click the button below now and get all the information you need.


After all, can I trust BMO?

If you want your BMO Air Miles World Elite credit card, know that you’ll have a solid and highly reliable bank behind you, guaranteeing all your transactions without any problems.

BMO Bank stands out as the 8th largest bank in North America, serving a global customer base of over 12 million.

With a solid track record, it continues to innovate by regularly introducing new products to its customers. 

This consolidates it as a reliable banking institution, capable of offering a full range of special services to facilitate your daily life.

So, you can trust BMO and have this award-winning credit card.

The rewards of the Air Miles card

If you want to have a great credit card from BMO Bank, one that accompanies your travels and brings more convenience to your daily life, the BMO Air Miles World Elite is the right credit card for you.

When we recommend the BMO Air Miles World Elite card, we’re recommending a highly awarded card that will bring you all the benefits you need.

This card has won the following awards:

  • Milesopedia Best AIR Miles – Winner 2023;
  • Genius Credit Card Best AIR MILES Credit Card – Winner 2022;
  • Genius Credit Card Best AIR MILES Credit Card – Winner 2023.

As we said, the card offers a series of benefits that make it even more attractive.

For example, you always earn 3 miles for every $12 spent on your daily needs at participating AIR MILES partners.

And earn double the miles at any qualifying supermarket, equating to 2 miles for every $12 spent. Additionally, get 1 mile for every $12 spent anywhere else.