The BMO World Elite MasterCard Credit Card stands out as a versatile credit card, offering an array of travel-related perks such as travel insurance, emergency assistance, and global emergency support.

It not only facilitates cashback on purchases, contributing to travel rewards, but also provides a unique advantage of a 20% discount on admission to Cirque du Soleil shows in Canada and Las Vegas.

This credit card boasts competitive interest rates, an initial-year exemption from annual fees, and an adaptable rewards program applicable to a diverse range of purchases.

With an extensive selection of reward options, users can align the program with their specific spending patterns.


Advantages of the BMO World Elite MasterCard Credit Card

A happy woman using the BMO World Elite Mastercard.

  • Inaugural-Year Fee Waiver

For those seeking maximum value from their credit card, the BMO World Elite MasterCard Credit Card exempts users from an annual fee during the first year, presenting an attractive opportunity for exploration.

  • Accrue Points for Redeemable Travel and More

The card offers an accumulation of points that can be redeemed for flights, car rentals, hotels, cruises, vacation packages, and additional perks.

This ensures a comprehensive suite of exclusive benefits to facilitate seamless travel experiences.

  • Round-the-Clock Access to Concierge Service

With 24-hour access to a personal concierge, cardholders can leverage assistance ranging from flight bookings and parking space location to securing optimal deals on various services.

The concierge service extends support in organizing dream vacations, identifying ideal date night spots, or even finding reliable babysitters.

  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage, Including Travel Medical & Accident Insurance

The BMO World Elite MasterCard Credit Card provides extensive coverage, encompassing emergency medical situations, dental needs, and even loss or theft of baggage during travel.

This comprehensive insurance ensures peace of mind, both domestically and internationally.

  • Security Features Through a Mobile Application

The inclusion of a mobile application enhances security measures by enabling users to monitor their expenses, avoid overspending, and swiftly deactivate the card if misplaced.


Credit Card Requirements

To qualify for the BMO World Elite MasterCard, meet the following criteria:

  1. Credit Score: A good to excellent credit score is typically necessary.
  2. Income: Ensure your annual income meets the specified criteria.
  3. Age: Applicants are generally required to be at least 18 years old.
  4. Residency: Confirm card availability in your region, as some cards may have residency restrictions.


How to Apply for the BMO World Elite MasterCard

Follow these steps to complete your BMO World Elite MasterCard application:

Visit the Official Website: Access the official BMO website or directly enter the application portal.

Explore Card Details: Familiarize yourself with the card’s features, benefits, and terms.

Check Eligibility: Confirm your eligibility based on specified criteria.

Initiate Application: Begin the application process by clicking the “Apply Now” button.

Provide Information: Accurately input personal, financial, and contact information.

Submit Documents: Upload any required documents supporting your application.

Review and Confirm: Carefully review your application before submission to prevent errors.

Wait for Approval: Monitor your application status online as the approval process unfolds.

Receive Your Card: Upon approval, your BMO World Elite MasterCard will be dispatched to your registered address.