For those of you looking for a credit card that can bring more advantages when shopping and accumulate better benefits, with an exclusive points system that can be exchanged for various items, the RBC ION+ Visa is the right card for you.

With the reliability of RBC Bank and the assurance that you will have more advantages when shopping, this card provides what you need in a straightforward way.

Follow our article to learn how to apply for your credit card and discover more about the benefits of the RBC ION+ Visa.


Discover the advantages of the RBC ION+ Visa

Many RBC ION+ Visa credit cards.

The RBC ION+ Visa Card is a credit card full of benefits designed to cater to various profiles and provide rewards during its usage.

Here’s what it has to offer:

Key Highlights

The RBC ION+ Visa is a great choice for people who regularly spend on groceries, gasoline, restaurants, and other eligible items. It offers a competitive points return rate and a variety of additional benefits.

Here are some of the main positives of the card:

  • Competitive points return rate: The RBC ION+ Visa offers a points return rate of 3 points per eligible dollar spent. This is higher than the points return rate of many other credit cards on the market.
  • Additional benefits: The RBC ION+ Visa offers a variety of additional benefits, including fuel savings, bonus points, and a free DashPass subscription.
  • Low annual fee: The annual fee for the RBC ION+ Visa is $48, which is relatively low for a credit card with such generous benefits.

Avion Rewards

You accumulate Avion points every time you use your credit card.

Avion points can be used to redeem flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. They can also be transferred to travel rewards partners such as Avianca LifeMiles and British Airways Executive Club.

To redeem flights, Avion points can be used to pay for the full ticket price or to reduce the cost of the ticket. Points can also be used to purchase business class or first-class tickets.

For hotel redemptions, Avion points can be used to book rooms at partner hotels. Points can also be used for discounts at non-partner hotels.

For rental car redemptions, Avion points can be used to pay for the full rental price or to reduce the rental cost. Points can also be used for discounts at non-partner car rental agencies.

Protection and Insurance

The RBC ION+ Visa offers a variety of protections and insurances, including:

  • Fraud protection: The card protects users against identity fraud and identity theft.
  • Travel insurance: The card offers travel insurance, including trip cancellation insurance, flight delay insurance, and emergency medical expense insurance.
  • Purchase insurance: The card offers purchase insurance, including protection against damage and theft.


Discover more card features

In addition to the previously mentioned benefits, the RBC ION+ Visa Card also has unique features that make it a special card and highly advantageous for all audiences.

Here’s what else you can get with this credit card:


The RBC ION+ Visa card offers various savings opportunities that provide significant advantages to its holders:

When using the card at participating gas stations, cardholders can save 3 cents per liter on fuel, providing direct and convenient savings on fuel expenses.

For grocery shopping, the card offers an additional 20% points savings, allowing cardholders to accumulate extra benefits when making purchases at participating establishments.

For eligible purchases at Rexall, cardholders can earn 50 Be Well points per dollar spent, providing an opportunity to accumulate valuable points when using the card and scanning their Be Well card.

In addition, as an additional benefit, cardholders have the opportunity to enjoy a free 3-month DashPass subscription, adding even more value to the services offered by the RBC ION+ Visa.

These comprehensive savings opportunities make the card an attractive choice for those looking to maximize their financial benefits in different aspects of their daily lives.

Fee Discounts

The RBC ION+ Visa offers fee discounts for the following groups:

  • Students: Students with eligible accounts have their annual fee refunded monthly.
  • Military clients: Active and retired military personnel with eligible accounts receive a 50% discount on the annual fee.

Card Lock

RBC ION+ Visa cardholders enjoy the convenience and peace of mind provided by the exclusive feature of remotely locking their cards.

This innovative functionality is accessible to cardholders through the RBC Mobile app or the RBC website, offering full control over the security of their accounts.

By choosing to remotely lock the card, cardholders can act promptly in cases of loss or suspected unauthorized use.

This ability for immediate action, intuitively accessible through online platforms, reinforces RBC’s commitment to providing its customers with a secure, transparent, and adaptable banking experience that meets their modern needs.

Mobile Payment

Innovation comes to life with the RBC ION+ Visa, offering its cardholders the convenience of mobile payment through the intuitive RBC Mobile app.

This functionality not only simplifies the payment process but also provides a comprehensive set of features for direct financial management at your fingertips.

By using the RBC Mobile app, cardholders can make payments efficiently and securely, taking advantage of the convenience of mobile payment for quick and hassle-free transactions.


How do I apply for my RBC ION+ Visa card?

Want to know how you can get your RBC ION+ Visa credit card? The process is straightforward, and you can do it now directly from your computer. 

Check out the step-by-step guide below:

  • Access the RBC ION+ Visa website.
  • Click on “Get Started.”
  • Answer whether you are already an RBC ION+ customer.
  • If you are not, you must register to become a customer before applying for your card.
  • If you are, log in with your username and password.
  • Then, fill out the credit card application form with your personal information and documents.
  • Verify that the information is correct.
  • Submit the proposal to the bank and await the card’s approval.

Once the card is approved, you will receive it at home and can take full advantage of the benefits it offers.

Simple and practical, you can have the card quickly, after the bank evaluates your credit profile.



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