For individuals seeking a credit card that aligns with their lifestyle, the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Credit Card emerges as a compelling choice, especially for those who frequently spend on gas, transit, and various purchases.

With a focus on rewarding everyday expenses and offering a suite of benefits, this credit card is designed to provide value to cardholders.

Let’s delve into the key features and benefits that make the Scotia Momentum stand out in the competitive landscape.

Woman using the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Credit Card.

Overview of Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Credit Card

The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Credit Card caters to those who prioritize cashback rewards on a range of expenditures, including grocery shopping, gas, and transit.

Notable features include a 1% cashback on all purchases, with an elevated 2% cashback on gas and transit.

The absence of an annual fee in the first year adds an attractive dimension for potential cardholders.

Benefits of Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite

Check out the main benefits below.

1. 4% Cash Back on Grocery Purchases

A standout benefit of this credit card is the generous 4% cashback on grocery purchases, making it an ideal choice for individuals who frequently shop for groceries.

The card also offers 3% cashback for gas purchases and 1% cashback on all other purchases.

2. Mobile Device Insurance

Cardholders enjoy the added advantage of mobile device insurance, providing protection for devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

This coverage extends to accidents, ensuring peace of mind and safeguarding personal data.

3. 24/7 Concierge Services

For comprehensive support, the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite offers 24/7 concierge services.

Whether you require assistance with travel plans or have specific inquiries, the concierge services aim to enhance the overall cardholder experience.

4. Generous Travel Insurance Coverage

The credit card provides an extensive travel insurance package, encompassing medical, trip cancellation, baggage, and trip interruption coverage.

Additionally, emergency assistance services contribute to a secure and protected travel experience.

5. Annual Fee Waived for the First Year

As a welcome bonus, the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite waives the annual fee in the first year.

This introductory offer enhances the card’s appeal, allowing cardholders to experience the benefits without the immediate financial commitment of an annual fee.

6. Visa Protection Benefits

Cardholders can take advantage of Visa’s protection benefits, including the Zero Liability policy.

This policy ensures that cardholders are not held liable for unauthorized transactions in the event of a lost or stolen card, adding an extra layer of security.

7. Non-Complicated Redemption of Rewards

The card offers a straightforward process for redeeming accumulated points into gift cards and other products.

This simplicity in the rewards redemption process caters to individuals seeking an uncomplicated and user-friendly credit card experience.

Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Credit Card: Application Requirements

To apply for the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Credit Card, ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • Age Eligibility:

Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

  • Income Criteria:

Meet the specified minimum annual income requirement.

  • Credit History:

Maintain a good credit history to enhance eligibility.

  • Residential Status:

Typically, applicants need to be residents of the United States.

How to Apply for Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Credit Card

Follow these steps to initiate the application process:

  • Visit the Official Website:

Access the official Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite website to locate the application form.

  • Provide Personal Information:

Complete the application form with accurate personal details, including name, address, date of birth, and contact information.

  • Income Details:

Submit information about your annual income and employment details.

  • Credit History:

Provide details about your credit history and any existing financial commitments.

  • Review and Submit:

Carefully review the entered information for accuracy before submitting the application.

  • Wait for Approval:

The bank will review your application, and you may need to wait a few business days for the approval decision.

  • Receive Your Card:

Upon approval, your Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite credit card will be sent to your registered address.

Embark on a rewarding credit card experience with the Scotia Momentum.

Whether you prioritize cashback on everyday purchases or seek travel insurance benefits, this credit card offers a comprehensive package tailored to meet diverse financial needs.

Explore the features and benefits to make an informed decision about integrating this credit card into your financial portfolio.