Scotiabank is one of the major banks with thousands of clients worldwide. And, as a solid and advantageous bank, it brings various facilities and products to its customers. Among them is the Scotiabank American Express card.

Here’s what you’ll benefit from when applying for your credit card:

  • The card offers up to 3X Scene+ points on eligible purchases at supermarkets, restaurants, and entertainment.
  • The card does not charge foreign transaction fees on purchases made abroad.
  • It offers travel insurance, which includes coverage for medical expenses, flight delays, lost luggage, and other unforeseen events.
  • Access to exclusive offers.
  • No annual fees for the credit card.



How do I apply for my Scotiabank American Express?

Applying for your Scotiabank is quite simple, and you can make the request in a very practical way. With all these benefits, this card has been one of the most requested by the bank.

Want to know how to get your credit card now? Tap the button below and get all the information you need to apply for yours.


Get to know the Scene points system

The Scene points system is a rewards program offered by Scotiabank to American Express cardholders.

  • Scene+ cardholders earn Scene+ points on eligible purchases, which can be redeemed for travel, merchandise, services, and experiences such as concert tickets and more.
  • And Scene+ points are earned at a rate of 1 point per dollar spent on eligible purchases.
  • Scene+ points are valid for 12 months from the acquisition date.

The Scene points system is an easy way to earn rewards for your purchases. With a variety of rewards to choose from, you’ll find something worthwhile for you.

And with Scotiabank American Express, you get even more advantages when it comes to accumulating points.

Did you check out the benefits of the card? In addition to having a credit card, it is essential to know the services, support and benefits it can offer. This way, you have even more confidence in using a service that will be useful in your daily life and make your life easier.

Check out more details and request yours to start enjoying!