Southwest, the well-known airline specializing in budget flights and tourism, brings to the market an excellent option for those who want to travel frequently and accumulate points: the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus card.

With it, you get discounts and also take advantage of free baggage and exclusive insurance during your trips.

Follow our article to learn more details about the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus and how you can quickly apply for yours.


Check out the benefits of the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card is a credit card designed for those who want to enjoy the benefits offered, whether through travel or point redemptions it offers to customers.

See what you can get with this credit card:

Points System

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus offers a simple and easy-to-understand points system. For every dollar spent on qualifying purchases, you earn 1 Rapid Rewards point.

You also earn 2 points per dollar spent on Southwest Airlines flights and Southwest Vacations packages.

Rapid Rewards points can be used to redeem flights, seat upgrades, car rentals, hotels, and much more. You can also transfer points to other airline loyalty programs.

So, the more you use it, the more bonuses and points you will have with your credit card.

Exclusive Benefits

In addition to the points system, the card offers a range of exclusive benefits, including:

  • Free EarlyBird Check-In: Get early check-in access twice a year. This can be helpful in securing your seat on a popular flight.
  • 25% Off In-Flight Purchases: Save 25% on drinks and Wi-Fi on Southwest Airlines flights.
  • Bags Fly Free: Enjoy the iconic Southwest benefit of free checked bags (up to 2 pieces per passenger).
  • Unlimited Reward Seats with No Restrictions: Redeem flights using points without worrying about seat blackouts or restrictions.
  • No Change Fees: Modify your Southwest Airlines flights without fees, allowing for greater flexibility.

Ease of Splitting Purchases

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card offers the convenience of splitting your purchases into interest-free installments for up to 12 months. 

This can be useful if you need to buy an expensive item or need more time to pay for something.

It’s important to check with partner establishments, as through them, you can get better purchase conditions and even pay less for your installments.

Travel and Purchase Coverage

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card offers a range of travel and purchase coverage benefits, including:

  • Travel Insurance: Get insurance protection for delayed baggage, trip cancellation, and more.
  • Purchase Protection: Get insurance protection for purchases against theft, loss, and damage.
  • Rental Car Insurance: Get insurance protection against rental car damage.

As a travel-focused card, you’ll have all the conveniences and the opportunity to use your credit card anywhere in the world.


Learn about the card’s referral system

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card offers a referral system that allows you to earn points by referring friends to the card. 

To participate, you must be an active cardholder and have spent at least $3,000 on purchases in the last 3 months.

To refer a friend, simply access the card’s website and enter your friend’s name and email address. You can also send a referral link to your friend via email or text message.

If your friend is approved for the card, you will earn 10,000 Rapid Rewards points. Your friend will also earn 75,000 Rapid Rewards points after spending $3,000 on purchases in the first 3 months of the account.

The referral system of the card is a great way to earn extra points for your travels.

If you know someone interested in traveling with Southwest Airlines, be sure to refer them to the card.


Learn how to apply for your Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card

One of the great advantages of the card is that you can apply for it online, directly on the company’s website. After a credit check, you will receive the card at home.

Here’s how it works with our step-by-step guide:

  • Access the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card website.
  • If you already have an account in the system, log in with your data to apply for your card more quickly.
  • If you don’t have one yet, click the “apply as a guest” button.
  • Fill out the form with all your personal information.
  • Also, provide all the requested document details.
  • Read all the contract details, check the boxes, and confirm the form submission.

That’s it. Now, you should wait for the credit check to be conducted on your profile so that the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card can be approved for you.

Usually, you receive the card at your home within 7 to 10 days. So, wait and enjoy the advantages it offers to you.


With the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card, you can make the most of your travels.

Liked getting to know it? Request yours now. And take a look on our blog for other cards that suit your profile.