When you’re looking for a credit card, one of the factors you undoubtedly want to find is quick approval and more benefits for you to use. The MBNA True Line Mastercard has all of this and much more.

The key benefits of having the card are:

  • Low-interest rate.
  • Low annual fee.
  • Security protection.
  • Quick approval.
  • Access to Apple Pay.
  • Car rental discounts.



How do I apply for my MBNA True Line Mastercard?

MBNA offers a variety of financial products, including credit cards, personal loans, and checking accounts.

The bank is regulated by the Bank of Canada and is subject to a range of laws and regulations that protect consumers.

Are you interested in getting the card and enjoying all the benefits it offers? Then, you should apply for your card, which is a straightforward and practical process directly on the website.

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