The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite credit card comes with a range of benefits. To start, you can get 10% cashback on purchases. 

Additionally, you can enjoy services such as:

  • Visa Infinite Concierge Service;
  • Visa Infinite Hotel Collection;
  • Visa Infinite Dining and Wine Country program;
  • No annual fee for the first year of use;
  • Savings on car rentals.



How to apply for Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite?

To apply for your Scotia Momentum card, it is essential to meet the bank’s prerequisites and submit your application. 

The application process can be completed entirely online on the bank’s website. 

If you want to understand more details about how to apply and what you need to have on hand, click the button below and find out!



Check out the insurances you can use

Have you ever imagined having a credit card to make your purchases and receive 10% cashback on them? With the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite, you can enjoy a range of benefits. 

This way, in addition to financial convenience in your everyday life, you have even more convenience in taking advantage of a series of useful advantages and services. 

With the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite, you also have access to some insurances. 

For example, you have insurance for mobile devices, trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

As well as other very useful insurances during travel, such as flight delay, lost luggage, and emergency medical insurance.

Is Scotiabank trustworthy?

Yes, Scotiabank is a renowned and highly trusted bank in the market. Headquartered in Canada, it also operates in several countries, including a presence in Latin America. 

In other words, when applying for a credit card from the bank, you will be using a high-quality service with full support from a serious and reputable institution.

Did you see how you can count on several benefits while making your purchases? By choosing the right card you can have even more peace of mind in your daily life.

And of course, having a responsible company makes the process even safer.

So, consider your options and apply for your card. Start taking advantage of all the positive points it has to offer.